Paddy Power casino history


This is an Irish company that offers a variety of sports betting, casino gaming, bingo, and poker through its website. It operates out 350 betting shops in Ireland and the UK. Currently Paddy Power is the largest bookmarker in Ireland and sixth biggest gaming company in the whole of the UK.

Paddy Power was founded in the year 1988 by three Irish bookmarkers that combined a total of their 40 physical betting shops. These gentlemen are Stewart Kenny, David Power, and John Corcoran. Their combined effort brought to birth the Paddy Power brand.

From the start, Paddy power adopted a unique approach to their business; every single customer was treated as a valuable patron. This they did by giving their customers the best customer care possible, offering entertainment at their shops and creating a welcoming atmosphere within the shops.This was one thing that customers missed from the other bookmakers at the time.

Paddy Power also strives to stand out by sticking to its Irish roots. At that time a lot of English bookmakers were making inroads but they wouldn’t match by providing that local touch. This made Paddy Power great with the locals.

After sometime and not being content, the group started an aggressive and steady expansion drive. They started opening shops in towns across the country. The shops were located on prominent places on the streets as opposed to their competitors who preferred side streets at that time. So players didn’t have to slink off to some seedy part of town to game like a degenerate. They went to shops in friendly environments with welcoming staff. This provided them a clear distinction from the other bookmakers at the time.

By the year 2000, Paddy Power was already an established betting company in Ireland. They needed to go a notch hire with the advent of online gaming, Paddy Power purchased in the same year 2000, and setup a global online bookmark shop.

From 2000 to date, its online operations have continued to improve making Paddy Power one of the biggest bookmakers with a turnover of more than €400 a year. They were among the first bookmakers to go mobile, and were the first bookmaker to have its app released on Apple app store. With the latter addition of live streaming of sports events to their mobile apps, Paddy Power’s mobile betting nets the company an average of 45% of all their online revenue. With all these, Paddy Power points to being a formidable force in betting in a long time to come.