Planet 7 Online Casino Review

After almost a decade since Planet 7 Online Casino first launched back in 2008, this casino continues to grow and earn attention online. Run by Ace Revenue Group, Planet 7 Casino is not only designed for extreme fun and games but the website is also user-friendly and straightforward that aims to be as transparent as possible with every single transaction. Not to mention there are more than 130 games available to your heart’s content.

From video poker to roulette and blackjack, Planet 7 Casino offers variety of games that you will no doubt enjoy. Some of the classic casino games are of course available as well. Additionally, daily free games, free spins as is the many opportunities to earn bonuses are distinctly a Planet 7 Casino thing that everyone just can’t get enough of.

Planet 7 Online Casino Review
Unlike its rivals, what stands out in Planet 7 Casino is the high-quality graphics for the games. It’s truly one of the main draws for this online casino that got everyone hooked. Another thing worthy of note is that Planet 7 Casino advertises themselves as a Vegas-style casino and based on some reviews, many are saying they do deliver as advertised, which is what’s truly impressive about this certain gambling website.

In terms of adding and withdrawing funds from your account, Planet 7 Casino strives to make the whole process easy and direct for their avid players. There are many banking options set up in Planet 7 Casino which ultimately prove to be a great convenience for everyone. There might have been a few hiccups when this online casino was just starting out but it has come a long way and has been truly wonderful in catering to their customers’ needs.

Planet 7 Online Casino is accepted in most countries but some areas are not eligible for the bonuses that are offered by the website. Countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Netherlands are some of the countries that are accepted. So, if you’re 21 and up, you can sign up to Planet 7 Casino and start enjoying their fun-filled games plus enjoy the bonuses that you’ll receive when you first sign up to their website.

Moreover, Planet 7 Online Casino is completely legitimate and is a licensed gambling site through Costa Rica government. Most online casino players are hesitant to engage in gambling sites registered to Costa Rica due to its sketchy history but Planet 7 Online Casino is one of those websites which has maintained a good reputation.